The very well known " Pizza Company" - Rigga branch

Having already built quite a name for itself and having dined here a few times myself, The pizza company has never failed to impress.

The Rigga branch where we dined at has been recently renovated and the layout changed - quite an improvement really.
Peach delight - a little too sweet but amazing peach flavour
We started out with the starter platter, which consisted of a few onion rings, hearty and soft garlic bread, juicy chicken wings and sadly bland potato wedges.

The starter platter - with the best garlic bread! 
Our turkey twists were fresh off the oven - crispy and hot, these were devoured as soon as the plate hit the table.
Our turkey and cheese twists
For the pasta, J and R ordered the Carbonara pasta with turkey and the fettuccine alfredo chicken. Each plate topped with a heaping spoonful of hot, rich and creamy sauce!

Fettuccine alfredo chicken

Carbonara pasta with turkey 

To try something new , I decided to try the fried chicken with mushrooms sauce which was really good. The rice alone is deprived of flavour however mixed with the mushrooms sauce and the appetizing chicken strips - this dish was a winner! Honestly, they could just sell the chicken strips alone and people would buy it! Absolutely delicious. 

Since it wouldn't be a complete Pizza Company visit without trying their pizza's we opted for a super deluxe with cheese crust. 

The aroma of the pizza teasing our taste buds making us just want to plunge in - which we did. Chunks of tiny meatballs, thin strips of pepperoni and meaty italian sausage served on cheesy dough - perfecto! 

The lowdown:
The starter platter: AED 27/-
The turkey and cheese twists: AED 16/-
The Carbonara pasta: AED 22/-
The fettuccine alfredo chicken: AED 22/-
The fried chicken and mushroom sauce: AED 20/-
The super deluxe: AED 36/-


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