The 45 minute wait for a burger - was it worth it? Review of Caliburger, Jumeirah.

We should have known it was going to be a long wait to our food when we entered the restaurant and saw all 20+ tables were full!


Our fear was confirmed when the lady infront of us was told she'd have to wait 30 minutes for her order, I was told 45 however since I was here on invitation basis and out of cucuriosity too we decided to wait and see what all the fuss was about.

The menu isn't too complex - a few chicken burgers and a few beef angus burgers, make it a combo with some cheese fries and a shake or an iced tea and that's exactly what we did. We ordered one cheesy fries and onion rings, the Chiptole Calidouble and the Calidouble.

The flavours sure packed in a punch, the meat was flavoursome and luscious and made us finish the burger within a few minutes (but I'm sure it was the 45 minute wait that made us gobble those down) 
The size of the burger is a tad bit smaller than your average burger as well. The cheesy fires personally were a bit of a disappointment since the serving was in a cup hence the cheese was only surface level and the rest of the cup was just normal fries. 

If I'd rate this place on the burger alone, then it would be a 4/5 however taking into consideration the 45 minute wait, the just above average service of the staff and the fries not really being cheesy fries Caliburger deserves a 3/5. 

They are definitely doing well, seeing as they will open another branch on JBR road soon however I do hope it wont be another 45 minute wait there as well! 


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