That salted caramel milkshake - that's why I went to Moylo's!

If you are on Instagram and your hungry  - then don't follow Moylo's Burgers unless your in the area and can eat them cause one you look at their instagram pics, you feel the need to dine there immediately :)

We started off our meal with the truffle fries and onion rings. The truffle fries are one of the best fries I've eaten at a restaurant in Dubai - light, salted and crispy. The flavour of the truffle surpass all other flavours here and leaves you wanting more.


For the burgers, we ordered a Moylo's and Honey bee burger - I relished mine and J's his! (But I think mine was better) 

The honey bee with fillings of crispy bacon, honey BBQ sauce, lettuce and topped off with a slide of cheddar cheese. The aftertaste still lingers with me. The burger meat alone lacked a bit of flavour, something like Burger Joint however overall the meal made up for that. 



But for me the star of the evening was really the salted caramel milkshake (priced at AED 25/- I think) - this lush drink was exactly what I was craving for!


The lowdown:
Parmesan truflle fries: AED 18/-
Onion rings: AED 16/-
Honey bee burger: AED 42/-
Moylo's burger: AED 38/- 


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