Per Te - For you: Grand opening of the Italian restaurant.

That's what the chef said in response to everyone's comments of a lovely dinner: "Per te it means for you, and that's what we've done - we've cooked this dinner for you"

So let me rewind a little, recently H and I received an invite to the grand opening of Per Te from Jive with Deepti. This is second grand opening of a restaurant I've been too (the first was to Sacci).


There is something very welcoming about Per Te - maybe its the long french windows or the beautiful wood fire oven but for us it was the aroma of freshly served aperitifs waiting for us at the counter :)


These absolutely won us over - as always for me the tomato and mozzarella toothpicks were my favourite. 

Our welcome drink 
Next we moved onto a beautifully structured four course dinner, a creamy mushroom soup, a light tomato bruschetta for H and a mixed seafood basket for me. The prawns here were absolutely delicious! 

The delicious mushroom soup.
taken from H's Nokia Lumia
Taken from my HTC
We then went onto our mains, a baby chicken with baby tomatoes and grilled veggies and a lamb shank with mashed polenta and mushrooms gravy as an accompaniment.


The lamb shank was tender to the bone, easily tearing apart as my fork ran through the meat. Mixed in with some gravy and mash and this was a flavour that left me lingering for more!

H likes to describe the dish as a perfect portion of caramelized chicken, succulent and juicy with a side of veggies which were cooked to perfection.

                     We then when to the end of our meal, which luckily did not disappoint at all.

H opted for the white chocolate yoghurt creme with lychee and amaretto, which was airy and light which subtle bursts of the lychee flavour coming through.

My tiramisu was light, almost as light as whipped cream but with more substance. The spoon just sunk into the tiramisu. this dessert stayed true to its name and literally made me pick it up.


The pictures of the event can be found on Jive with Deepti's facebook page

Note: Although review was on a complimentary basis, views and opinions are our own.
: Special thanks to H for helping me write this review and for the pictures :) 


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