An Indoor BBQ - AB'S Absolute Barbecue Chain comes to Dubai!

Like most of the other reviews on Zomato, we too received a family invite to dine at AB'S. I was quite excited since I had read the other bloggers experience - each raving how amazing the concept was and how good the food is. As anticipated, none of the other bloggers were wrong.

I'll get straight to the point - THE FOOD!


My favourite part of the meal was the starters, once we got this we didn't stop eating them! This was divided into veg and non-veg and my favourites had to be american cheesy potato, the chilly garlic prawn and crispy corns. One of the highlights of our meal was the honey glazed cinnamon infused pineapple - the churasco pineapple. A 5 on 5  from my side (and my family too!)

The serving of the churasco pineapple


Then the wish dish concept began - where each diner can mix a main item (squid, chicken,prawns) with the veggies of their choice (corn, spring onions, etc) and pair it with any 4 of AB's sauce. The options were endless really. Knowing this each of us started working up our own concoction, we mixed chicken with some veggies and the AB'S spicy sauce, prawns with the pesto sauce, the list goes on...





Personally I couldn't get myself to even try the main items since by this point I was already stuffed, but my family loved the prawn curry and the chicken baghdadi.


From the drinks point of view, I'd highly recommend the mango rapture! Mango churned with vanilla ice cream to give this thick and smooth texture - definitely a rapture!

Their dessert bar was no less as well with options like lemon curd, perfectly bite size gulab jamun's and their very own "cold-stone style ice cream bar"!

 The weekday lunch is AED 55/- per head
 The weekend lunch is AED 75/- per head
                                                 The weekday dinner is AED 70/- per head
  The weekend dinner is AED 80/- per head


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