A taste of Mexico - Dining at O Cacti, Pier 7.

Ofcourse I was excited to dine here, mainly because mexican cuisine is one my favourite cuisine (I'm pretty sure its because there is chesse involved) also because of the stunning views everyone has told me about dining at Pier 7.

Our evening started with a complimentary serving of nacho's (not the best really a little too dry) but it was complimentary so there wasn't a need to complain. 

Since the weather was chilled we started the evening with a Newyorker and a Spicy Cuba Libre, The New yorker (Jim beam whiskey and lime juice)  was perfect to sip on, warming us up as it trickled down. 

The wings were spicy  - the type of spice that leaves you wanting to go ahead and still pickup the next wings. J absolutely loved it!

The spicy (yet so delicious) chicken wings

To decide what to order next since I felt a little lost I asked Muhammad (our waiter) what he would choose if he loved seafood. Almost immediately he answered "the lobster taco's"! And it was ordered.


                     I have to say - THESE ARE THE BEST LOBSTER TACO'S I'VE EVER EATEN. 

These hard shelled taco's were served with guacamole, salsa and cold sour cream. But the taco alone with chunks of hot and tender lobster topped up with julienne veggies were gobbled down almost instantly. Thinking about them now makes me hungry!

We then moved unto our mains, obviously with Muhammad's suggestions, we got the pechuga de pollo a la limon and the rosarito style lobster. 

My dish the pechuga de pollo a la limon, was a grilled chicken breast topped with mushroom and lemon sauce and served with a side of baby potatoes, brussel sprouts and zucchini.
However the chicken was slightly overdone, had it not been for that the meal would have been perfect. The sauce and the side vegetables were cooked to perfection - delicioso!

J's lobster however was a sure win, with a juicy lobster set before him, his eyes didn't look elsewhere. Although the sides served with this dish were just as delicious, the lobster on both occasions, (the taco's and here) were absolutely scrumptious.

I love how the chef has used the lobster in two different dishes yet on both occasions has allowed the produce (in this case the lobster) to be the star of these dishes. 

We ended our meal on a sweet note of pay de limon al estilo de la casa (homemade key lime pie) and relleno de chocolate (tender cake served with vanilla ice-cream) - the chocolate cake was moist and almost sinful - with bursts of chocolate oozing out at each bite, perfect with the ice cream. obviously dessert was based on Muhammad's suggestions. As proved again - he was right.

The relleno de chocolate


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