Weekday break needed? Stage 2 at Vida Downtown Dubai provided exactly that!

                                                                BOYS NIGHT OUT !!

Vida Downtown Dubai has a new promotional menu - AED 125/- FOR 5 BEERS (yes you read that right) and 5 SLIDERS - no this not a joke!                                

With Vida becoming an uber-chic place for the youngsters of Dubai to hangout, these promo deals really are a great way to sit back relax and enjoy some beer with the boys (and the girls too ofcourse!)

Beige carpets, long curtains, calming music - perfect for a mid-day break. This is the secomd time we've come here and its simple because Stage 2 provides a very sophisticated and trendy atmosphere to dine in. Tonight we decided to try the Hop Board menu - 5 beers and 5 sliders!


I'm not a big fan of beer so I spoke to the manager (much in advance) and requested if I could get a swap for the beer. I was very impressed. I got 5 different mocktails , everything from passion fruit cocktail to cold iced coffee - each better than the first! But let's stick to the actual menu - shall we?

The Hop board

The Beers - Sol, Paulaner Hefeweisen, ESB Ale, London Porter and J's favourite - the Fullers 1845.
Each item was paired perfectly to enhance the flavour of the other - really taking you on a food journey!

We started out with the tempura pickles and smoked cheese, mixing it with the quince jelly and the white cheddar. The tempura pickles were fried to a crisp - absolutely divine! The crab cake slider was perfect and the citrus mayo really added in quite a kick to the overall flavour.

My board! <3 td="">

For J, the Fullers 1845 went perfectly well with the smoked lamb chops and pomegranate and parsnip mash.

The smoked lamb chops, pomegranate and parsnip mash. 

Mt favourite however was the dark chocolate, caramel stacked cheesecake and pretzel. Perfect end to the perfect meal? And yes this is actually one of the best dining experience's I've had in Dubai!

The dark chocolate pretzel poked into a caramel cheesecake,


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