Bob's fish and chips - so much more than fish and chips!

So obviously entering a place like "Bob's fish and chips" - silly me expected there to be only Fish and Chips, I was in for quite an awakening to find out that Bob's fish chips not only serves fish and chips but prime steak pie, tiger prawns, tempura chicken breast, baked potato and much much more!

To start off C and I got the wasabi prawns and onion rings - the wasabi prawns although they are unique wasn't as spicy as I expected but they were definitely good.


We then went onto our mains which obviously involved fish and chips! The batter fried fish was really good  - crispy yet easy to tear apart however it was a bit on the oily side side, it could have been avoided with a simple pat dry.


But the highlight of our evening was this - the Suzy platter recommended by the floor manager, and a must try, easily enough to be shared by two people.

                                   The suzy platter had it all and perfect if you love seafood.

The platter consisted of red snapper, calamari, mussels and queen prawns - each item was perfectly cooked and drizzled with a lemon and butter mix. Each bite made me appreciate more how fresh ingredients really speak for themselves.

     Yes, that's how we ended our meal - cheese, potato and corn - ofcourse it was good :)


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