Where to catch a foodie at Diwali? I can be found at Cream Center!

Diwali is that time of the year where everything looks happier and brighter - afterall it is the festival of lights! For most people Diwali is all about the lights, for me its all about the food...

In the spirit of Diwali and in search for good vegetarian restaurants we decided to try out Cream Center (near Lamcy plaza) - the area is really becoming a vegetarian hub with neighboring restaurants like Puranmal and Haji ali.

The service is extremely prompt and friendly and the manager - Mr Nilesh is very warm and welcoming making it a point to talk to all the guest, obviously something that's appreciated.

The Ice cream soda - a must  try! 
The iced tea

Our starter orders were simple but definitively the high-light of the evening. We began with the hot vegetable soup, followed by the famous nacho's, sev puri, american corn cheese balls and our personal best the chilli cheese toast.

The  spring vegetable soup! 

                                                                    The scrumptious chilli cheese toast served with a handful of potato wafers

I had read mixed reviews about the nacho's - but our portion was served hot and the salsa was a sweet mix to the nacho's 
A potion of the nacho's

The crunchy sev puri! 

Now, if you've read about the restaurant, seen a picture on their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/creamcentrefans?fref=ts or on Instagram - you'll know that there's one dish you need to try and that's the famous Chole Batura! Why? The pictures simply speak for themselves really. 

                                           The famous battura! 
Simple and tasty.
The chole sadly I felt lacked a bit of salt and flavour but I guess any dish being put up against such a big puri would feel intimidated :) This dish can be shared by two people. 

We then went into our veg pizza which was filled with all sorts of veggy goodies - american corn, black olives and diced bell peppers (capsicum) 


We were quite excited to try their "sizzling pav bhaji", yes you heard that right "sizzling pav bhaji"!

However at this point we were already full and I didn't want to leave without trying their famous dessert -  The sizzling Indian fondue, which we absolutely loved!



Nilesh, the restaurant manager also suggested we try their famous sizzling brownie which was devoured in a few minutes.

From great service to delicious foods, we can really understand why Cream Center is expanding as quickly and we hope its going to stay around for a long-long time!

B 65, Sheikha Building, Near Lamcy Plaza, Oud Metha, Dubai. 


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