Sushi, korean and so much more: dinner at Sonamu and Hanabi in Asiana hotel

Limitless sushi, sashimi and Korean BBQ - that tag line of Asiana's hotel alone got me hooked on to try out their new Thursday and Friday buffet (6 to 11pm priced at AED 189/- for soft drinks only), I'm glad to say I was not disappointed! 


On arrival we were surprised to see that the restaurant was so packed - both the enclosed spaces (which can be booked in advance) as well as the normal seating area. These two restaurants Sonamu and Hanabi attract a large variety of Asian guests and once we started eating it was pretty clear why - authenticity!  


The saki dispenser! 
Having lived upto its tag line both these restaurants provided us fresh seafood with really minimalistic dressing allowing the seafood to be the star of the dish!  

We really enjoyed the variety of the sushi (esp the california roll) and the re-filling process was quite quick so the guests didn't have to wait to serve themselves. 




The prawn tempura was fried to a crisp with the coating being a light coat - easily the guests (namely me) can gobble down a few of these forgetting that this is a buffet and there is so much more left :) The chicken satay too was juicy and covered with a sticky sauce - nice! 


Besides the usual, we really enjoyed the peking duck and the hot-pot station, both these dishes are a must try - what made it nice was the fact that the chef's at these stations were also really friendly and helpful. The cook for the hot-pot station left the sprouts, leaves, etc only for about 10 seconds just enough to catch the flavour but not long enough to loose its crunchiness - perfect! Great service is another reason I would be back. 




Sadly the wanton's here are dry and the chicken inside had lost its moistness but I guess that's the usual dis-advantage of a buffet. 

For the more adventurous (like my dining partner) there was a few dishes we hadn't tried out before but we really loved, like the  octupus with sea-weed and vinegar sauce and the inari. 



The inari

But don't worry if adventure and sushi isn't your style - Asiana has taken care of that aspect as well, the usual dishes are served as well and are just as filling and delicious -

The salad bar

Kung-pao chicken
The beef sprouted fry
Rib eye 
Chilli calamari squid fry

It's only fair to say based on the variety of the food that the dessert options are in as much variety as well - 




Yes we will be back afterall it really was a perfect asian dining experience!


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