Need an affordable dining spot? Soy and pepper provides that with no compromise on the food!

I normally never venture into Deira (traffic phobia really) and if I do its normally via a metro, so I was happy to know that Soy and Pepper was located in Reef mall - a nice 2 minutes walk away from the Salah al din metro - Convenience at its best! 

Soy and pepper has a very lovely and cozy ambiance perfect for a get together with family and even friends! The food too is really upto the mark with some of my favourites being the tom-yum soup, the fried dumplings and my chicken in hot garlic sauce.

The refreshing iced tea's 
                                    The starters arrived quickly and service was extremely friendly.

The steamed and fried dumplings

The chicken satay

The Tom Yum soup - mix of prawns, mushrooms and a thin seafood broth.

For the mains my dining bud opted for the Beef Sisig, which she personally enjoyed - strips of beef sauteed with onions and mayo topped with a sunny side up egg. The mayo surprises you giving out more of a cheesy flavour - complementating the beef really.

Sisong beef
This dish I easily felt could be shared by 2 people with 5 pieces of sizzling hot chicken and sticky rice to accompany it - this was a perfect no frills meal! Priced at AED 23/- this is also extremely economical as well.

Chicken in hot garlic sauce

For dessert, our friendly waitress insisted we try the Leche Flan (the pac-man below) she was confident we would love it. She was right.

The presentation alone won us over - simple and neat. The dessert although sweet is what a desert should be - Sweet!

Would we be back? Does a human need water to survive? The answer to both those questions is the same. 


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