Healthy fast food? German Doner Kebab at JLT

I've been wanting to try German Doner Kebab for the longest time and finally when we did the result was better than we expected - clean flavours, big potions and easy on the pocket. I can see why Doner Kebab is expanding - and quickly!


The branch located in JLT is really a no frills restaurant - simple menu, good variety and so
your biggest question will be chicken or meat? :) 

A portion of Aryan

The Cheese borek was a crispier version of  mozzarella sticks and was very delicious. 

What I personally loved was the doner kebab sandwich - a thin waffle loaded with tomatoes, chicken and cubes of feta cheese all served with a side of iceberg lettuce and red cabbage. Healthy, filling and served quickly :) 


The doner box (served with the option of fries or salad) is decently priced at AED 25/- and can be shared by 2 people. The serving style of a chinese take away box made it all the more unique.  


The lahmacun (a turkish pizza really) is thin almost like a "naan" - not over packed with veggies and biting into it is as soft as cotton candy. It is served two ways - a pizza or like a wrap - the choice is yours really.

                               The chicken lahmacun
This place is perfect for lunch and even for a filling (healthier) dinner and extremely reasonably priced for the size of the portions - perfect for a date night too :)

Details -
Telephone: 80036637


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