Chor Baazar - An invitation to Indian cuisine

So I'm Indian - well as Indian as a girl living in Dubai her whole life can get - but well I'm Indian.


So I was happy (over-joyed really) when I got to know that J and I would be dining in Chor Baazar, located in Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate

We started our dining experience with a passion kiss and a long island iced tea, I absolutely loved this drink. J shockingly had never had an iced tea before and very predictably he loved it!


We were then served these complimentary items - all of which were outstanding! 


Our starters were really the highlight of the evening, the puri platter and the aloo tikki chaat are a must try - soft yet crunchy and oh so inviting - its almost a necessary dish to start off the dinner! 

The aloo tikki
The puri platter
Masala crab tikki

For our mains we decided to order the butter chicken (which is sweet for the Indian palette so when ordering the waiter will allow you to choose the level of spice as well), sikander nali ghost, the goan prawn curry and the chicken biryani. Each of their portions can easily be shared by 2 people. 

The butter chicken which went perfect with a side of naan

The prawn curry is generous not only with the prawns (and its size) but also with the mix of spices making it a simple yet outstanding (in other words a simply outstanding) dish :)

A special mention has to be given the tandoori items since in a way it bridged the palette between the starters and the mains. The flavours are all there however the bonus was this thin char grilled smokey effect which really added the finishing touch to the lassoni prawns, the kesari lamb chops and hariyali chicken tikka. 

The lamb chops were by the far the best I've had in Dubai!
By this point, I couldn't have anymore but J absolutely loved the sikander nali ghost and finished the entire dish - ALONE :) 


The Chicken biryani - full of flavour and tender chicken
         The masala creme brulee was a little thicker then expected. 

Overall, Chor Baazar provides the perfect invitation to Indian food although slightly priced on the higher side - it is worth the penny especially for someone who has never tried the cuisine before. 

So Diwali plans anyone? 

Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai | Adjacent to IBN Battuta Shopping Mall | P.O. Box 211508 | Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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