The 24 hour eatery - Zaatar W zeit on Sheikh Zayed Road

If you've grown up in Dubai like me, a very common name here is Zaatar W zeit. Founded in Lebanon this restaurant is a common place for manakish and other Lebanese delights. however being invited here last week I was surprised to see how much more they offer than just manakish!

From friendly welcomes to a cosy ambiance this restaurant is the perfect 24 hour eatery available on Sheikh Zayed road. We started off with the baked potato with cheese, the quinao salad, breaded chicken strips and my personal favourite the chicken salad.

The cold and moist chicken mixed with the colourful salad topped with sun dried tomatoes and pine-nuts.was a meal on its own and perfect for a light diner.

The chicken salad

The fresh quinao salad
The cheesy baked potato :)

The breaded chicken strips went perfect well with the sweet mustard dipping sauce. 
 For the mains, we decided to have a veggie pizza and the BBQ steak wrap. I have to be honest in saying normally I wouldn't opt for a vegetable pizza -  I love my meat :) however the menu was so descriptive we decided to try it out and I'm so glad we opted for it since the pizza was so different. It was a green pesto base sauce topped with cherry tomatoes, olive and rocca leaves(my favourite)

The veggie pizza

The veggie pizza

The BBQ wrap
To end we decided to try the brownies and the tiramisu - The brownies are not particularly my favourite dessert, so far the only one I've loved was at Burger joint NY (read my review here: so sadly the brownies here too was dry for me however the tiramisu was so moist and creamy we were in coffee heaven, and all their desserts come in these cute take-away containers perfect when you don't want spillage in the car.

Ofcourse we ended with coffee, a cafe latte and a hot chocolate to be precise :)

Update: Also, after the review we came back here 2 days ago and the service and the food was just as good as the previous time.


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