From USA to Dubai - Burger Joint NY in City Walk, Dubai

Having loved the area - City walk, J and me decided to grab dinner at Burger Joint.

Upon entering its the feeling of Newyork that hits you the most - the open kitchen, the way orders are passed to the kitchen, the graffiti on the walls - all very New York!



Our orders were taken by a very friendly, Sharon, who explained to us the simplicity of the menu - there really are only two types of burgers. Maybe too simple? Keep in mind that they only serve beef burgers, still I personally prefer beef burgers over chicken - I was happy.


The beef is imported from Nebraska - beef shoulder. Packed with flavour we were left craving for another. The price is the same of  as  all other gourmet burgers in Dubai however I felt the size slightly smaller.


Our french fries with melted cheese on the top was gone within minutes and a must have!
We also had the pie shake. 1st round was the oreo filling which I loved and which could be shared by two people, there was a also a few other options.  Second round - The blueberry shake topped up with whipped cream.


But the star of the evening for me was the brownie, I'm not a brownie person, I find them dry and chewy and so we only tried this since the manager, Calvin, insisted we do. Dolloped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream we decided to try the brownie. It was soft and moist, phenomenal!


However I should one warn you that one thing that may take you by surprise is the use of cutlery. The plates, spoons, cups etc although all imported from USA are all plastic and a little new to what we are used to in Dubai, we're more used to our silver forks :)

Our meal for two was roughly AED 185/-

Menu and contact details can be found here: 


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