Cravings of a girl living in the desert - Lebanese food at Nay restaurant and lounge.

Having heard a lot about Nay restaurant already, from it's purple decor to its Thursday night dancers, I was quite excited to dine here. Sadly I couldn't make it on the weekend, so we didn't get to see the 20 minute Brazilian dancers show which I've heard is quite a hit!

Before I go into the review however I should mention that due to the purple light the quality of the pics are reduced.


Upon seating we were served, complimentary bread, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Perfect.

Next came the bastrami rolls, chicken kibbeh and fish zibri. The bastrami rolls were stuffed with 4 different types of cheese. Perfect thin cuts with a hint of saltiness from the cheese. Astounding!


The fish zibri was something I wasn't excited to try but the manager insisted we do try it and I'm sure glad we did! Tiny sardines - batter fried to a crisp, a perfect dish while having some sheesha.

The chicken kibbeh was enjoyed more by my dining partner, I found the meat inside to be a little too soggy for my liking,


As we waited on our mains, I drank a lovely cosmopolitan - vodka with the zest of an orange peel, tangy yet not over-empowering. Again, a prefect recommendation by the manager.

For the mains we ordered, a mixed grill and the jumbo prawns. The jumbo prawns were in every right - JUMBO! 5 pieces served with tartar sauce, a skewer full of vegetables and a zest of lemon. Sea-food heaven!


The mixed grill was a wide range of meats - from grilled vegetables skewers to meat arayas, lamb cubes to shish tawouk. All having a nice char-grilled flavour, however the lamb cubes were a little chewy the rest of the meats were devoured instantly.

 I'll leave you with these lovely pics of our dessert -

The oriental chocolate bar 

The banana honey rolls 

Considering the quantity and the ambiance, the pricing for the items was justified.

Also since the location isn't the easiest to find the waiters are quite friendly in helping you find it the location.

Good service and great ambiance (maybe too much of purple however) I'm sure we'll hear a lot more
from Nay.


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