The chef box!

Just like a glambox, the Chefbox is a box full of happy surprises but for a foodie!

What is it? The concept is quite simply really - you subscribe to any one of the three options:

1. AED 57/ for 2 months
2. AED 53/ for 6 months
3. AED 50/ for 1 year

Make the payment and wait. At roughly the mid of each month you will get a box delivered to the address you mentioned in your subscription form. The box's are always themed (example the July box was Eid)
Sadly however since most of the people went out for Eid the box were delivered only this week.

It was my first box so I was quite excited naturally!

The box is filled with a bunch of goodies for foodies as well as a recipe book to help you cook with these ingredients. Here's what was in my box -

2 Sparkling Iced tea's
3 Mani packs of dried cranberries
3 Mani packs of assorted nuts
4 Eat natural bars
2 Tilda brazilian rice
2 Coffee planet french coffee packs
1 Kikkoman soya sauce

Worth it? Definitely.

I'm so excited for the weekend so I can wake up and try out the coffee and I'm already looking forward to the next box :)

You can subscribe here:
Or check out their facebook page here :

Happy eating!



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