Healthy Food: Lemonade, Ibn Battuta mall

Having been invited to Lemonade I was extremely nerve-wracked. Why? Healthy food isn't my thing! But that's what surprised me- Lemonade isn't your usual salad and healthy eating dining spot, it's healthy with a twist.

18 different salads with 18 different dressings, happy turkey grilled sandwhiches and grilled chicken and a glass of fresh lemonade. Eating healthier has never been so easy! If you haven't been down to Lemonade in Ibn Battuta you have to and here's why -

The service - I have to start out with the service first since that's what stood out to me, the staff is extremely polite and attentive. Pierre, walks us through the market place, the mains and ofcourse the beautiful selection of desserts. One thing is very clear - this is the start of a beautiful trend "Healthy fast food". The food is laid out and the setup is very similar to ikea but with prettier frying pans - take a tray and choose the food you like, pay at the end of the line. Along the way you have the friendly staff behind the food to help you out incase you need any assistance. Also, I've noticed on more than one occasion that Pierre personally stands at the start of the line to help the customers as well.

Food - I was baffled - each salad tasted better than the next. How could salad (all 18 salads don't even have lettuce) taste this good? My compliments to the chef. Our best had to be the chicken pineapple, the lentil salad and the brocolli. Ofcourse there were the other top runners like the beetroot with hazelnut dressing, tabouleh fusion and the crunch snap peas and edamame salad, the sweet potato yam, and the rosemary potatoes!

For the mains, we had the avacado salmon louie which was fresh minced salmon placed in a fresh avacado and topped with a slice of grapefruit. Perfection.

The mac and cheese for me went perfectly well with the BBQ beef brisket and then to my surprise I learnt that there actually is a sandwhich like that there! So now I know what to order next time! There are also two types of mac and cheese available and its even on their kids menu.

Another sure winner was the holiday turkey and the grilled chicken - the rosemary and cranberry bread freshly baked, the pickled onions and fresh turkey pieces all topped with Swiss cheese and then over-toasted made it an amazing light dinner or lunch option.

The grilled chicken marinated with thyme left my taste buds craving for all things Mediterranean. And if you're a vegetarian don;t worry since they also have a kale, tomato and white pot as well as a vegetarian chilli pot.

To end this feast, we had the red velvet and carrot cup cake and the oatmeal and raisin cookie. The cupcakes are moist and the flavour really pack a punch. But the winner for me was the cookie, fresh and light and not over-powered with sugar I could have walked away with a box of these to go!

But having been to a restaurant called Lemonade, I should have started out with the review for the lemonade but I figured I'd leave the best for last :) The lemonade is not only refreshing its got a variety of flavour - blood orange, watermelon rosemary and guava lemonade were my favourite.

We constantly kept wanting more! I see Lemonade to become a new trend here esp in Dubai where people are being conscious of what they eat and choosing to opt for a healthier life-style. But what makes Lemonade great really is that there is no compromise to the taste of the food - fresh and healthy ingredients with impeccable taste. A must try!


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