Food review for Grill corner, Satwa

After our eating success at Grill Karama, we decided to try out their outlet in Satwa which is a little bigger since we a group of about 18 people. The staff is quite accommodative and had to turn a few tables to get us seated properly. They were also precise and clear when they took our order and ensured that each order came to the person it was ordered and this saved a lot of chaos and "who ordered this" questions :)

For the drinks most of us opted for our usual fizzies (which are priced at AED6/-) and the rest of continued on with our iced tea which was as perfect as the last time.

Since there were so many of us Im not quite sure what was ordered at the latter half of the table so I'll try to do justice to the plates around me. We started off with the chicken spring rolls which I really enjoyed, hot and crispy with a stuffed chicken filling and a sweet and spicy sticky dipping sauce. A definite must have!

The tapsilog (  rice, an egg and dried cured beef) was also another winner, with the beef proving to be a good mix with the plain rice. This dish is also sometimes eaten as a breakfast item.

This time around however we were not too excited about the nasi-goreng, the sauces seemed a little extra and hence provided a slighter sweeter taste, also the bowls here were different and hence the quantity was less. I think I'll stick to the Karama one for the Nasi-goreng.

For my mains, I ordered a beef fried rice and a chicken manchurian. Honestly I was surprised at the level of spice in the fried rice, this wasn't the usual tabasco or spicy sauce, this was thai red chilli spicy!

Having said that it was worth it (because I got to eat a BR ice cream after that!) and went well with the manchurian . The chicken manchurian too was really good with the chicken having a slight crispy coating and would have gone well with white rice too. A perfect lunch option.

The other item which was a must try was their honey crispy beef, the beef was sticky and sweet, absolutely perfect!  Almost all dishes here are decently priced, and for approx AED20/- you can get a meal and leave stuffed!

Both outlets lived upto the mark and the service in both places is friendly and inviting.


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