Food review for TML, Media city

Heading town to TML we were looking for a casual Thursday night and TML offered us that and much much more!
TML - The media loungue is located opposite OSN building in Media city. We parked outside but they also have parking inside, just get the token stamped on the way out. On entering we realized one thing - this place is perfect for shisha. The overall lighting, the comfy sofa's, perfect for a relaxing evening.
To start out we ordered the grape and mint sheesha, the poutine and the dynamite shrimp, pomergranate juice and the orea peanut butter milkshakes. **since the lighting in the sheesha area was dim, some pictures have come a little dark.
The poutine priced at AED 23/- is a perfect snack with your sheesha, the broth and cheese make a perfect gravy for the bed of fries, topped with gooey cheese and served in generous portion, this was exactly how I wanted all my meals to start.
The milkshake too was a home-run with the dollops of peanut butter running through it, again perfect to sip on whilst having some sheesha.
The dynamite shrimp was instantly finished by my dining partner true to its description - plump, succulent shrimp coated in crispy bread crumbs.
For the mains, J and I decided to change our seating and go to the non - smoking sheesha side and we were amazed! It felt like a completely different restaurant - the bright lights, the green flower pots placed on each table, the black board with chalk writings no sign that 10 steps back was a sheesha area.
We decided to go ahead for the salmon al cartoccio and the lamb chops, the vibrant colours of lemon, olives, tomato and potato really did justice to the perfect cooked salmon which was placed on the baking sheet - happily absorbing all the juices of the ingredients I'm sure!
The lamb chops were juicy and this meal like the salmon could be shared by two people.
To end on a sweet tooth, we had the rasberry cheesecake and the carrot cake, the cheesecake for me didn't have the usual biscuit base and was a little soggy however the carrot cake was moist and each layer of cream was a bonus point to the happy weekend that awaited us!


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