Food review for Sukh Sagar, Karama

When I was a kid and lived in Karama we visited Sukh Sagar, not so many years later it seemed like the perfect spot to go for dinner with dad last week.

Friendly faces and comfy's sofa's welcome you when you enter Sukh Sagar, to start off we had a mint mary and a butter milk. The mint mary was unique, crushed mint and sabja seeds - delightful! The butter milk was a tad bit thicker and so is perfect for sipping with your meal.

For the starters, we ordered moti kabab and sizzling vegetables. Both are a must try! Clean - pure flavours is present in the moti kabab (a mix of veggies and masala, moulded into a shape of a kabab and cooked over a pit) and not a drop of oil! A healthy option indeed. The Sizzling vegetable is something to come back for - mushrooms, panner and bamboo shoots - crunchy and sizzling.

For the mains we had the singapore noodles, kofta curry, naan's and vegetable combination in schezwan sauce. A perfect mix and match, Ill let the pictures do the talking for this :)

                           We ended with their famous ras malai, rabri and dry fruit falooda!

Service: Mr Deepak and his team ensure that the guests are well looked after, attending to each table and suggesting items from their menu. Their passion for food is clearly visible!

To my surprise at 9pm the restaurant is packed, not a table free and its a Wednesday! I would highly recommend to come here early on  a weekend then!

I know I'll be back and this time for some of their other favourites - pav bhaji, the paper masala dosa and the onion kulcha!

Good food, great service and amazing options for a vegetarian (and a non-veg like me too!)
A restaurant that has stood the test of time and I'm sure will continue to do so!


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