Food review for Flippin' Pizza, Ibn Battuta Mall

Having heard of this place for awhile now J and me finally decided to have dinner here, upon entering the restaurant we were greeted by the staff who showed us our seats. We opted for sitting on the high chairs near the counter so we could see how the pizza's were being made.

The ambiance is such that once seated you will forget that you are sitting in a shopping mall. High ceilings and low lamps with bright red furniture and a huge (I mean huge) TV makes it a really warm restaurant and perfect for a pizza.

Upon seating we were served a complimentary basket of baby croissants and a dipping sauce. A few pieces however were not freshly baked but the ones that were, really lived upto the mark and were light and slightly crispy around the edges. Perfect. The dipping sauce is just pizza sauce, served in a tiny bowl. A trend I'm starting to notice in a lot of restaurants incl. The Pizza Company.

For the drinks we opted for the orange juice, which was fresh and served in a gorgeous mason jar with a handle, I was won over!

For the mains since it was just 2 of us we decided to go for the thin crust large Bronx pizza, the pizza arrived loaded with the meats, olives, onions, bell peppers and cheese. However service for the pizza did take some time which was a little disappointing since there were only 2 others customers in the restaurant and about 6-7 chefs on the restaurant floor. Nonetheless, the pizza was good and I enjoyed the pepperoni the most. Since it was a large we packed the rest and the flavour was just as good for the next day.

We left happy from Flippin pizza although maybe we did expect a bit more flips (since there were less customers I guess the staff didn't do their dance- which I hear is a real treat) but the service of the waiters even though they looked a bit tired is really top notch!


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