Food review for Grill Corner, Al Karama

Tucked away in the heart of Karama, Grill corner sticks to its name by being hidden in a corner! They are located opposite Union Co-operative in Karama but since location and directions isn't something I'm good at here's their telephone number - 04 3964929 :)

There is no denying the restaurant is small and can accommodate only a max of 15 people so its better for a casual dinner with a max party of 4 people. My friend had told me about this place and I was really excited to head down there to taste their nasi-goreng (which basically means fried rice in Indonesian or malay) I had first tasted nasi-goreng when we had gown to Malaysia a few years back - the thick white rice mixed with sweet soya sauce, Indian spices like tumeric and chilli, and always topped with a perfect sunny side up egg - delicious!
So naturally, I was excited to go back and eat this again, the other place I've had this in Dubai is in Chowking, which is also just as good as the ones in Malay. Eating the nasi-goreng at Grill corner took me straight to Malay again, the succulent prawns, thin beef and the shredded chicken topped with this perfectly cooked egg and all for AED 10/- It was definitely a steal deal!
We also ordered the fish and chips, which came pipping hot from the kitchen which I enjoyed but J didnt since the fish was a bit too mushy. For the drinks we ordered the lemon and peach ice tea which was really cooling knowing the summer heat! The total bill was approx 35/- and we left rice-full!


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