Food (Iftar) review for Flavours on two, Towers Rotana

With 3.60 rating on Zomato, I was excited knowing that we were going for an Iftar buffet at Rotana, to be honest this year J and I have been so busy we haven't even gone for an Iftar as yet (which is usually a family tradition). So I was happy knowing that it still wasn't too late. Flavours on two, Towers Rotana is located on Sheikh Zayed road and has valet parking, the iftar runs till July 28, 7PM to 8:30PM and costs AED 145/person. On arriving to the second floor, you are greeted not only by the polite staff of Rotana but also very soothing Arabic acoustic music which was relaxing esp in this Ramadan period. As we were shown our table we noticed a small chest of dates and almonds, perfect for breaking one's fast.
We began the evening with the soups and salad's - I opted for the Tom Yum soup and J took the lentil soup. The previous Tom Yum soup I had did not live up to its name so I was a bit skeptical to take this one however I'm so glad I did. The soup was a mildly spiced soup of seafood broth and was so easy on the throat. It was so easy to keep going back for second's (and third's and fourth's)! The lentil soup too lived upto the mark and was served hot with fresh lime. There was also quite an array of juices - the fresh cocktail juice, the laban, rose water, qamer el deen (my favourite). The watermelon in the cocktail juice was so fresh we had about 4 glasses of this! The qamer el deen is an egyptian drink which consists of apricots and sugar and went very well with our mains. For the salads the selection was quite vast and so we only took a little of everything just to taste, the tomato and mozzarella salad went so well with the balsamic vinegar and olive oil, I also added a bit of feta cheese from the cheese counter and mixed it with the rocket leaves, result - Heavenly!
The tabouleh salad, rocca salad, eggplant mussaka, moutabal, hummus and fattoush were also some of my favourites.
For the cheese selection I was really spoiled for choice, I enjoyed the slightly grilled halloumi cheese, the feta cheese with crackers and the awaki cheese. There was also quite a selection for the bread.
By this time we were already reaching our full point and we hadn't even started on the mains! For the mains we tried the lamb ouzi, which I had never tasted and the taste was impeccable! The lamb was so tender and just fell apart from the bone it went very well with the oriental rice (with with meat) and the yellow rice.
There was also a mixed grill from which we loved the sheesh tawook, as you cut into it - the softness and marinade of the chicken oozes out. The meat is cooked till tender and extremely juicy. There was also a live station for shawarma, a selection of falafel, roasted potatoes, steamed veggies, cottage pie and a mixed seafood platter including spiced fish fillet, prawn tempura and fish fingers. I didn't quite enjoy the fish fingers it reminded me of frozen fish fingers.
From the arabian side we also tried the malfouf mahshi which is stuffed cabbage rolls with meat and mixed spices, the bamis bin lahem which is a gravy of meat mixed with lady fingers. The burghul with zucchini is rice mixed with chunks of zucchini and a much healthier option. This also went well with the lamb ouzi. By this point, J and I had almost given up but looking at the dessert counter we knew we had to go back and atleast try a few (if not all!) We took a mix of things - I started with the yellow jalebi (an Indian sweet dish) which was sweet and crunch, perfection really! The halawet el jeben was also my favourite since at the side was kept a jar of sweet syrup which went really well together.
The panacotta was served in a tiny jar and was a sweet mix of cream, berries and topped with shaved vanilla.
The chocolate mousse shooter however after a buffet was not something I could handle - 2 more bites and I would have fallen asleep right there :)It would have been perfect had i not eaten the 3 dessert before it :)
The two that definitely stood out for me (and I don't have a pic of since we just gobbled it up as soon as it came) was the cherry clafoutis and the blueberry slice. Both these desserts were sooo light and tasty, we sat there longer just for that. There is also a wide variety of arabic sweets and dates as well.
What really helped was that the pastry chef was standing at the counter and was very helpful, so if we wanted to know any ingredients or name he was more than happy to help. We finished our iftar with a complimentary tea (or coffee) served to all the guests.
As we were leaving we noticed that they were ready to setup the next set - their usual themed nights, it just only tempted us to be back for more and I'm sure we will. Overall, the service and food of this place was a 5 on 5, and its time to tell a few of my friends about this gem!


  1. Love this place!!! British night is amazing and a pretty good Iftar place. I also highly recommend Five Dining also by Rotana for Iftar if you haven't been yet they offer sushi to die for :)

  2. Sushi! My favourite, thanks for the tip I'm actually going to head down there after Ramadan, heard they have awesome theme nights :D


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