Food review - Pars Iranian, Satwa

Over a year ago, J and me got introduced to some awesome cream puffs and ever since then we've just wanted to go back!

So recently for our anniversary we thought nothing would make the day sweeter than some fluffy whipped cream puffs. We walked into their bakery and picked up 6 of the most delicious cream puffs I've ever had!

The bread dough is so light and soft and they've made a small hole at the base of the bread and fluffed it up with some whipped cream and its so fresh and light you could eat a couple without realizing it. When we walked out of the bakery, we saw a beautiful open fire wood oven and so we decided to have an early dinner there as well.

Service: 5/5 Although we were the only customers in the restaurant the service was spot on and friendly. The waiter even came to us to check how was the food and whether we needed any help/assistance. Ambiance:5/5 This restaurant only has outdoor seating, so its advisable to visit this place only during the cooler months in Dubai (anytime between Oct - March). But their other branches have indoor seating as well. In the cooler months this outdoor seating is so relaxing, and on a quite night it has a romantic feel to it as well as the restaurant is hidden among a few trees. There are two types of seatings available here, ground seating (which is a very arabic style) and normal table seating. Ofcourse we opted for the ground seating!

Food: 5/5 Since it was an early dinner, we opted for the Kabab-E-Torsh, which was chicken cooked to tender on a bed of rice with a side of pomergrannate seeds and fresh tomatoes as well as the sauce in which the chicken was marinated in. For starters we were served a basket of hot naan (bread) which was freshly baked, I particularly enjoyed this knowing that it came from their beautiful open! This was served with some un-salted butter and plate of rocket leaves, radish, onion and labneh cheese. The fresh salad alone was so filling by the time the food came we were partly stuffed! The food was a perfect 5/5 for me, the chicken was so tender it was just falling apart from the bone, so we mixed a lot bit of the sauce (from the white bowl) to add a bit of gravy to the rice. The rice too wasn't dry and was quite tasty as well. What I particularly enjoyed was the freshness of the food and the lack of excess oil. Even just eating the tomatoes with the rice was a lot of flavour since the tomatoes too was fresh! the quantity too is enough for 2 people. Ofcourse for the dessert, we just opened our box of smiling cream puffs and gulped them down happily one by one!

 Bill: AED 65 for 2 people.



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