Food review for Mo's, Citywalk Dubai

Last week, I was invited for lunch by Mo's restaurant at City walk Dubai. Now I've added them to the list to the restaurants I have to go back to! Here's why!

 Just to give you a brief of their restaurant, they are part of the Caramel group which consists of Caramel Dubai, Caramel Abu Dhabi and Mo's (CityWalk Dubai). City walk is becoming quite a trendy place as well, with phase 2 and phase 3 being built and quite a few trendy restaurants around the area as well. J and I went to the restaurant at 1.30 and left at 4, it was one of the best dining experiences we had and the best part was it was so casual and laid-back.

On entering we were greeted by the staff and the manager, all of whom where very polite. We were seated only to realize how beautiful the restaurant had been setup - the high ceiling, the neat decor and the spacious areas to move around freely.

Our server introduced himself and so did the manager, both whom were very polite and friendly. What I always appreciate is a staff knowing their menu and food, I love their recommendations on what to order since I'm sure more than anyone they know their food better.

The staff at Mo's definitely know their food since their recommendations were spot on.

For the starters we ordered the buffalo wings and the Chinese chicken salad, both recommended by the manager, the buffalo wings are marinated in a home-made sauce and were a bit of the spicy side and although J enjoyed them I felt the sauce had a little sour taste as well. Maybe another option would be to try this with BBQ sauce.

The salad however HAS TO BE THE BEST SALAD WE HAVE EVER HAD. I could have easily eaten that entire bowl on my own but you have to know one thing - at Mo's the portions are BIG! even the salad's!
The salad is a mix of chicken, sprouts, cashews and a handful of juicy oranges. What really got me was the freshness and the dressing of the salad. The dressing is an Asian peanut sauce which is what really brings the salad together.

For the drinks, we ordered a fresh carrot juice and a rocky road milkshake. The carrot juice was refreshing and the milk-shake on its own was a meal! Its served in a tall milk-shake glass topped with toasted almonds and tiny mash-mellows. Thinking about it now makes me want to go back!

For the mains, J ordered the TNT shrimp taco's since the manager insisted we should try it, and I'm so glad he did!

They like the salad stood out for me, the soft shell taco's had been slightly toasted and the shrimp alone could have been a starter. It was fresh and not so empowered with the other flavours, the taco is filled with shrimp, lettuce and shredded cabbage. The main is also served with sour cream, guacamole and pickled tomatoes.

There are 6 on the plate and maybe looking at it, it may look like just 6 taco's however since they are stuffed and the sides are also so filling it actually took us quite a while to finish the 6.

I ordered the lobster cold sandwhich thinking it would be a nice thin light sandwhich, however I forgot the portions here are huge! The sandwich is cut in such a unique way that the lobster's stuffed in. The lobster is stuffed with mayo and the sandwhich is glazed and toasted with butter. Again, easily can be shared by 2 people.

I don't know how I did it, but I knew before leaving I had to try their dessert and I was not left
dis-appointed! We ordered the honey cake which just melted as soon as I bit into it. The cake is cold and not too sweet, it has a lovely ripple of the honey running through it. Its also dusted with graham crackers which adds a bit of a crunch to it and topped with fresh whipped cream.

Service: The service here is really top-notch, from the welcome to the good-bye - the staff is polite and very well versed about the food they serve. You can honestly see they themselves enjoy the food they serve, but a big kudos to the guys in the kitchen! I've read from a few places that the breakfast here is really one of the best infact on Zomato its actually featured in Great Breakfasts Collection, quite an achievement for a restaurant that started only late last year.

 The chefs at the back really know how to cook up a feast!

 Overall, this is a restaurant I'd definitely be back too and this time I'll be back to try out their amazing breakfast.

 Service: 5/5
Ambiance: 5/5


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