Food review for Sushi and Bento, Jumeriah Town Center

In my pursuit for love of sushi, J and I stumbled across this place on our date night - Jumeriah town center isn't a really packed mall however this restaurant is really packed! We waited about 15 minutes till we were shown our table. Out table wasn't the usual dining place it was a little lower and so you had to walk down a bit to take your seat which was really nice and different. Food: Since it was a bit hot outisde, we opted for the watermelon juice and the hawaiian fruit punch. The watermelon juice was absolutely re-freshing, the punch however felt like syrup had been added to soda and so didn't really appeal to us. For the mains we ordered the garlic shrimp bento and the crunchy californian tartar. The food was spot on! Even now I feel hungry just thinking about the garlic shrimp bento, the shrimp was so fresh and i wasn't mixed with too much flavour, just mixed in a marinade of garlic and butter. the vegetables were steamed and drizzled with salt and butter as well. The sushi roll too was really fish and was gobbled u within minutes! Service: Since the crowd was a lot, I do understand that the service was slow however we did had to also repeat our order twice since the first person got a bit confused. Had the service been upto par this place would have definitely received a 5 on 5 for me since the food was really fresh and cooked perfectly. Price: A meal for two (with juices) would fit under an AED 200/- budget but beware once you start eating the sushi you can't stop! :)


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