Food review for Time Cafe - Ramee Royal, Karama, Dubai

Time café is located in Karama, inside the Ramee Royal hotel on the M floor. The bar is really a sports bar which turns into a club on the weekends. They have a live band, a DJ and a dance floor as well. On some nights (esp weekend) the place is packed and incase there is a big game they sometimes also charge a cover fee. Also they have a lot of offers during the week, like 2 for 1 or combo’s and ladies night. So check in advance and plan ahead to avail of these. 

We went this time on a weekday, we were 7 people. The reason we choose this place is the following:
1. They serve pork
2. They serve booze 
3. They have shisha

Food: We ordered 2 pint of beer which they had an offer so it came with 2 plates of pork ribs, stuffed mushrooms, French fries, 1 plate of 10 piece buffalo wings. 
Firstly the pork here is outstanding, and its maintained this standard for a few years now. The meat just tears off the skin and its marinated in a honey BBQ sauce yet somehow it isn’t too sweet and has a really good balance! The stuffed mushrooms was another winner, the mushroom is covered in an amazing covering of bread crumbs and a layer of cheese. It was also served with a garlic paste dip which was very good, the garlic wasn’t too over-empowering. All the food was served piping hot which was another plus point. 

The buffalo wings were however a letdown, since they were over cooked and the sauce served with them was the worst dip I’ve ever tasted, it was excess of cheese and extremely thick as compared to a normal dip. The French fries however good they were the quantity was really small so that put me off! 

Drinks: We order a coke, Singapore sling cocktail, death of a virgin cocktail. The Singapore sling had a good mix and was definitely worth it. The death of a virgin however was way to bitter and definitely not mixed properly. 

Shisha: We order the pan masala shisha which also was really good and the guy made sure to refill the coal at intervals. 

Service: The service for me however was the worst, out of the approx. 30 tables they had 5 filled and among 5 waitresses it took us atleast 10 minutes to call a waiter. They were not busy serving other tables they were just standing around laughing and talking to eachother. The service was really pathetic 

Only because of the service and the band (who although they were singing we couldn’t even understand a word) I’ve given this place a rating of 3.50, food wise and even ambience wise they are pretty good.


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