Food review for QD, Golf Beach and Yatch club

QD’S has been my favourite hangout place for the last 7 odd years, even now so many years later the place still lives upto its good reputation, both in terms of food and ambiance. They are located inside the Golf creek and Yatch club and no reservation is required. Although on the weekend;s do be prepared to be waiting for awhile. Its also pretty easy to get a cab back if you’ve had a little too much to drink! During summer months they setup an AC tent, which is perfect since Dubai summer can grill you! For the rest of the months, they have sitting alongside the creek, the scenery is very calm and an amazing spot to see the fireworks during DSF.

Food: 4/5

Since I’ve been here a few times I’m going to just you what all we’ve loved. Firstly their booze – if you want a strong drink get the long island ice tea it’s not only filled with flavor but it’s perfect to give you that buzz. 

Prawn cocktail – although its chilled prawn, the cocktail sauce and the tenderness of the prawn add more flavor and less spice.

Chilli beef nacho’s – the nacho’s here are crispy and the sour cream is yummy! After all – who can say no to nachos J

Crispy Calamari - I love the calamari here since its coated in a nice crispy batter fry and served with lemons.

They also serve really good shisha and sangria’s here.

Service: 4/5

The service here is pretty good, though a weekend night they do need a little more staff help I feel since all the waiters are really running around. The food serving time is normal – 15 odd minutes.

Ambiance: 5/5

I love the whole vibe of this place, open ventilation (so the shisha smell doesn’t get too stuffy), beautiful view and fresh air! 


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