Food review for Kulcha king, Karama, Dubai

On a little corner, after Haji ali juice center and Bombay Chowpatty you will find Kulcha king. After reading the previous reviews here I’ve realised that they’ve done up this place really well recently. The restaurant is really classy (fancy cutlery and white table cloths) but still simple at the same time. I really will say this as well – any restaurant can have a marketing campaign but this place promises what they advertise and this why I like this place so much. So far we have been to Kulcha King 4 months in the last 2 months. 

Food: When we went there yesterday we were total 6 people, 4 of which had never been to Kulcha king – the reason I know the food is good is because 4 new people instantly loved the restaurant. We ordered the kali mirch murg(black pepper chicken) my husband’s favourite, the stuffed kheema kulcha, bheja masala (lamb brain masala), 3 glasses of lassi and about 5 kulcha’s. Without a doubt you will never leave a kulcha king without feeling stuffed and that’s a good thing because you may look at the portions and feel oh that’s not enough but I encourage to wait before you place another order and then realize that you now have too much food on your table!
The kulcha’s are always cooked to perfection and it definately lives upto its name of “Kulcha king”, I didn’t try the bheja masala but the boys absolutely loved it. The bowl was wiped clean! 

Service: The service was on time, although you have struggle a bit sometimes to get the waiter’s attention. 

Ambience: The restaurant is done up so well that you’ll probably forget its in a little corner in Karama, they really have made good use of a small space. I would also recommend that they try to setup the bathroom better, although its now in the restaurant its still not maintained/cleaned regularly.
Pricing: The total bill was AED 150.00 for 6 people, which I thought was quite reasonable since lets face it – eating out in Dubai is becoming expensive. 

Overall: Kulcha king still lives upto the hype, a lot of restaurants cant deliver what they advertise. Kulcha king food is really filling and full of Indian flavor, till now I haven’t eaten any of their food which was too spicy or too sweet. So if you haven’t been here I’d say – just try it and I’m sure you’ll come back for more.


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