Food review for Hot n Spicy, Tecom, Dubai

So my hubby and me made a reservation for a weekday. Now what I’m about to explain is probably one of the best (and warmest) dining experiences of my life and here’s why: 

1. The staff – The staff is all dressed in black and most of them were behind the counter (if not serving customers) and all the staff are extremely friendly not just with the customer but even with eachother. I truly believe if you love your job it will show and these guys looked like they loved their job! 

2. The FOOD – oh for the love of food! Prior going to the restaurant I read through the reviews and picked out what to order and I’m sure glad I did cause not a dish I ordered missed the mark. We ordered the food in the below order 
Upon seating we were offered a free basket of Fryums, since we were so hungry I don’t think we took a picture! 
Tea – I am not a tea person (except for Fili cafĂ© – Zafrani chai) yet somehow one sip of this tea took me back to India. Since the weather outside was so chilly, the tea really warmed me up. Since I’m not a tea lover, my review about the tea falls invalid The Masala fries: the basket of fries served here is huge! It even says so in their menu – great big basket! The fries are served with two types of sauces. Once you get the basket though do shake it up so the spice mixes with the entire basket. We were served the fries along with the rolls. Chicken malai boti roll and Chicken Bohari kabab roll - This was the BOMB! I really wanted to order this but my husband ordered it first (but I still ended up eating 3/4th of it) The chicken was cooked so tender in a beautiful marinade so the skin had a blend of the marinade as well as the charcoal. They also added a very good sauce to the roll which ensured it wasn’t dry and this may sound silly but I loved the onions in the rolls the most. The onions added the nice crunchy effect to the rolls which I absolutely loved. The chicken bihari kabab roll was again full of flavor but more on the spicy side. Once we had half the rolls, we realsied we were in trouble since just thje rolls with the fries filled us so much we couldn’t eat anymore! We then decided to pack the balance food but not without trying the Ras Malai (recommendation by Kareem - I’ll get back to him later)
Ras Malai – Oh this was something else! Even though it was cold outside the sweet cold ras malai was not worth every bite it was worth every drop! We literally cleaned the bowl. The ras malai was so sweet we couldn’t stop eating it. I would go back to this restaurant just for that! 
BBQ chicken biryani – Since we were stuffed we decided to pack up the biryani and the chicken tikka (leg piece) and we both it the next day to work. The biryani is soo good and it isn’t a dry biryani the chicken is kept in its original sauce and since its boneless chicken it very convenient to eat at work/public. The leg piece however we only got to eat after the 2nd day, since all the containers are microwave able friendly we just popped it in and a minute later we realized it tasted as good as a piece brought from a restaurant 5 minutes ago. The chicken was so fresh it was just tearing off the bone. It was also served with 2 types of sauces – a white (curd based with herbs) and red sauce (tamarind and a little spice) 

3. Price – Our total bill was AED 100/- and the food lasted us a total of 2 days.

4. Courtesy and interaction with customers – This is MAIN reason why I loved this restaurant. It’s a people person restaurant, each and every customer that walked in knew some waiter or staff. Even as we ate Kareem (im sorry but I don’t know his designation) came to us and asked us how the food was and even gave us recommendation like the ras malai. It so easy to see that the staff has built a rapo with their customers which means the customers aren’t one-time customers and their coming back for more and I’ll definitely be coming back for more too!


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