Food review for Ahl Al Mandi, Dubai

Matbi / Mandi also known as Haneeth, is one of the traditional foods of Yemen and a must try in Dubai! The meat is cooked n a special type of oven which really enhances the flavour. 

This street has been loaded with restaurants recently, from Chowking to Dosa Plaza but my favourite is this palce - Ahl al Mandi. Probably because this was the place I first had eaten Matbi I have a genuine love for this place. 

Food: Prior to you ordering anything, you will first be swerved a bowl of soup and a plate of salad as well as a bowl of a red salsa. I normally squeeze the lemon in my soup for a bit of a sour taste. The soup is made from the bones which have been boiled over a long period of time, so the first couple of times since i heard that i didnt eat the soup at all, but once winter came that soup was the best thing to clear the throat. Also its known to be a very healthy soup comapred to the soups we have filled with a lot of artificial flavour, this is all natural.

The are are two types of main courses here - matbi and mandi. Matbi simple means grilled. I haven't tried the mandi as yet. We've always had the chicken matbi. The chicken matbi is outstanding here. its served over a plate of rice which is easily filling for 2 people. The idea is you mix the salsa (served at the start) with the rice inorder for the food not to be too dry and eat it with the chicken. The wetness of the salsa and the moistness of the chicken explode happily in your mouth. The chicken is always grilled perfectly and has a nice char grilled flavour.

For desert we always have the konafaa which is an Arabic sweet dish with cream, for only aed 10 /- its 100% must buy! but be cautioned that its soo filing, you may not have room for anything there after :) 

Service: the other reason why i really like this place is the service., the staff are always friendly and the food is always served within 10 minutes! 

Total bill is AED 70/- (for 4 people) including 2 soft drinks.


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